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About us

Sea Therapeutics is a holistic health brand, taking inspiration from the healing power of the sea and bringing you natural remedies backed by science. Our story begins with our founder, suffering from IBS for years and learning that the conventional medicine she was prescribed never really got to the root of the issue. 


As a biochemical engineer, she started to take a more holistic approach to health and studied the gut-brain axis, the gut-skin axis and how to remedy her digestive issues. This eventually led to the creation of our unique Seamoss Manuka Blend. 


Who should try it?

The short answer is everyone. You don’t need to have a specific condition to benefit from our Seamoss Manuka Blend, prevention is better than cure. Our gut health controls everything from our skin to mental health, that is why keeping a healthy balance in the gut is so important, and that is exactly what our blend helps you to do.

So far our blend has actively helped people with: IBS, reflux, fatigue, acne, eczema & psoriasis.

Green business

We pride ourselves on reducing unnecessary packaging and materials from the start of our supply chain down to delivering to your doorstep. All packaging materials are either recycled or reused. We provide a local refill service and encourage nationwide customers to keep their glass containers as they can be repurposed & we hope to expand our refill service when feasible.

Our ethics


Our seamoss is sourced from trusted farmers in Antigua. It is wildcrafted, ocean farmed and NOT pool grown. Our manuka honey is sourced from New Zealand from Leptospermum scoparium - this is one of the rarest types of honey in the world. The authenticity of the honey is graded using Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) tests. We ensure all manuka is UMF™ 10+, read more here.


Our products are made to serve an inclusive market. @sea_therapeutics is a female-owned business, our vendors come from a variety of backgrounds, which reflects the community we would like to serve. We are 100% committed to promoting and encouraging inclusivity & diversity throughout all stages of business on all our platforms.

Gut health

Inflammation is the root of most diseases and it’s important to note that this typically begins within the gut. Your gut microbiome is - in basic terms - the collection of microorganisms (e.g. bacteria) that live in your gut. Yes, there is such a thing as good bacteria and it is essential to your health. In fact, the human body contains more bacteria than it does cells.

Your gut microbiome has a natural equilibrium where a diverse range of good bacteria thrive, but these days it’s very common for this equilibrium to be disrupted due to poor diets. There is a known link between dietary micronutrient availability and microbial composition; the more diverse your micronutrient intake, the more diverse the composition of your gut microbiome. A diverse microbiome is more resilient to illness and better equipped to handle other triggering factors such as stress.


Seamoss alone contains up to 92 trace macrominerals and micronutrients. It is widely known that minerals and trace elements are essential micronutrients and an important drive of gut microbiota modulation. 1 tablespoon a day of our blend goes a long way in maintaining a diverse and healthy microbiome.

Another major gut health benefit from our blend is that both Seamoss and Manuka honey have prebiotic AND probiotic properties. Probiotics are the good gut bacteria that we need for a healthy microbiome and prebiotics are the fuel that keeps this good bacteria alive. Probiotic supplements are currently trending, but, without getting your dietary intake of prebiotics, there are no long-term results. This is why we use the Seamoss Manuka Blend as a natural prebiotic and probiotic supplement for improved gut health.

Regardless of whether you use our product or not, we want to help spread the word on just how important caring for your gut is. The gut is known as the second brain of the body as it is in constant communication with the brain, playing a key role in certain diseases in our bodies and in our overall mental health. So, whatever you do, take care of your gut.


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Skin health

The Seamoss Manuka Blend targets your skin from the inside out. Gut health controls skin health, in fact conditions such as acne are linked to inflammation which again stems from an imbalance in the gut. A healthy gut microbiome is linked to a happy skin microbiome, this is known as the gut-skin axis.

Aside from incorporating the Seamoss Manuka Blend into your diet, you can also directly apply it onto your skin as you would other skincare products. The species of Seamoss that we use, Kappaphycus Alvarezii, is a well-known skincare ingredient, known for its ability to moisturise skin, reduce wrinkles and dark spots as well as working as an anti-inflammatory and irritation-reducing agent. We found that high-end skincare brands often use a small percentage of K. alvarezii extract in their products, what we are offering you is a raw blend primarily made of K. alvarezii itself. This is further complemented by raw Manuka honey which is a natural humectant. Humectants absorb water molecules from underlying layers of the skin and bring these to the surface, giving your skin a plump appearance!

We highly recommend targeting the skin both through your gut and also through topical application of the blend, especially on problem areas such as acne, eczema and/or psoriasis.


Elkhorn Seamoss
Elkhorn Seamoss (K. Alvarezii) is a nutraceutical that has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, alongside antiviral, antitumoral, and anticoagulant activity thanks to the polyphenol and sulphated polysaccharide content. 


The anti-inflammatory activity targets molecules that increase inflammation in the body (cytokines). The overproduction of cytokines can result in poor immune response in the case of illness or infection, so it’s super important to keep them in check. 


K. alvarezii’s antioxidant phytochemical agents scavenge the reactive oxygen species (ROS) and reactive nitrogen species (RNS) in the body. At high concentration, ROS and RNS become harmful for the body and lead to oxidative stress-related diseases including cardiovascular diseases, neurological diseases, cancer, respiratory disease, rheumatoid arthiritis, delayed sexual maturation, and kidney and liver diseases. 

Extracts of K.alvarezii have also shown significant potential against various different strains of bacteria. This is due to the various bioactive secondary metabolites that act as antimicrobial agents. 


The protective role of seaweeds in controlling chronic diseases is a well-reported matter. The bioactive compounds from seaweeds were reported to be effective for the treatment of major chronic diseases, for example Elkhorn Seamoss is a great source of antidiabetic agents that inhibit starch digesting enzymes and regulate glucose induced oxidative stress.


Furthermore, Elkhorn Seamoss extract in specific has been investigated for its anticancer potential in breast and colorectal cancer. Of course, this research is in early stages, however, there is promising potential for the use of Seamoss extracts in anticancer treatments in the future. 


Elkhorn Seamoss also contains monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids which are associated with beneficial changes in metabolic syndrome such as increased HDL-cholesterol, decreased triglycerides, and improved cardiovascular and liver health.


Besides all the extraordinary benefits explained aboved, it's important to note that Seamoss contains up to 92 trace minerals - our body is made up of 102 known minerals. So, this means you can feed your body with up to 90% of the minerals it needs by taking a tablespoon of Seamoss a day. 


The diversity of minerals and vitamins is also pivotal for improving and/or maintaining great gut health. The more diverse the gut microbiome is, the more resilient and capable of resisting illness it is. Our Elkhorn Seamoss is a source of both prebiotics and probiotics; meaning it will not only provide you with good gut bacteria but also provide your gut with the fuel it needs to keep this good gut bacteria alive long-term. 


UMF10+ Manuka Honey

Our blend is also made up of UMF10+ (MGO 263+) premium grade raw manuka honey, from the Manuka flower of the forests of New Zealand. Manuka honey contains a unique range of beneficial oligosaccharides and prebiotics, amino acids, polyphenolic and other plant-derived compounds. As a result, Manuka honey possesses unique health benefits such as supporting gut health, supporting wound healing, and acting as a natural antiviral and antibacterial. 


More specifically, some research has found that Manuka honey’s natural antibacterial action may have a role in fighting the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers. In addition, Manuka is also an effective prebiotic, boosting levels of a strain of lactobacillus bacteria which play a key role in the prevention of stomach ulcers. 


We source our Manuka from a sustainable supplier to ensure that it is raw, wild, unpasteurized, non-GMO project verified, halal, kosher and gluten-free. 



Ginger Rhizome

Ginger has an elaborate chemical composition containing up to 400 bioactive compounds. These bioactive compounds have a range of different benefits, from aiding digestion, to fighting oxidative stress and inflammation. In particular, ginger is one of the most effective natural anti-bloat remedies, it works by preventing the buildup of gas in the gastrointestinal system. 


Scientists have found that ginger and its metabolites tend to collect in the digestive tract and this is why so many of the benefits of ginger are directly related to the gut. But, its many bioactive compounds mean that its benefits are not only limited to gut health. Ginger is a natural antiviral, anticarcinogenic, antimicrobial, and cardioprotective


Key Lime

Rather than using chemical preservatives (which can often be either harsh on the skin or contain toxins), we opt to preserve our blend naturally with lime juice. Lime juice contains ascorbic acid and citric acid which are naturally antibacterial and antioxidant, hence acting as a natural preservative. 


Other than preservative properties, the addition of lime juice to our blend was completely calculated and intentional. The high vitamin C content of limes is a significant benefit for our immune system. Vitamin C is a natural water-soluble antioxidant that aids the development of resistance against infectious agents and eliminates cancer-causing free radicals in the body. Moreover, it also plays a key role in the production and maintenance of collagen, a protein that is abundant in skin and hair - especially when healthy. 


Aside from the multi-beneficial vitamin C content of key limes, their fiber content is also worth mentioning; not only does this help enhance digestion but it also helps prevent cardiovascular disease through its anti-inflammatory properties. 

Multifloral Honey

The Seamoss Manuka Blend also contains a carefully selected multifloral honey, which comes from a range of different wildflowers. Not only does consumption benefit the digestive system but, it can also support a healthy heart and provide skin nourishment. Multifloral honey is high in antioxidants, flavonoids, probiotic enzymes, pollen, and nutrients, including vitamin B and C. Antioxidants present in the multiflora honey can prevent inflammation in the body that are a primary cause of major health issues, including digestive issues, cardiovascular complications, cancer, and autoimmune diseases. Multifloral natural honey also cures the inflammation of burns hence the skin nourishing properties. 

Other benefits include the bacteriostatic effect (preventing bacterial growth), treating anemia and allergies, and relieving symptoms of common cold, cough, sore throat or nasal congestion.

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